Traveling to Paraguay and need a local SIM card for making calls, using mobile data, and staying connected? Getting Paraguay SIM cards can be extremely useful for travelers but it’s important to understand the different options available. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about purchasing a tourist SIM in Paraguay.

Paraguay SIM Cards

I. Should I Buy a New SIM Card for My Paraguay Trip?

1. Reasons to Get Paraguay SIM Cards

There are several good reasons why purchasing local Paraguay SIM cards is a good idea:

Cheaper Than Roaming

Using a Paraguay SIM with a local data plan is almost always much cheaper for making calls, sending texts, and using mobile internet than paying expensive roaming fees from your home carrier.

Stay Connected

Having access to a local phone number and mobile data will help you stay connected with local contacts, access maps/transportation apps, share photos and videos, and avoid getting lost.

Local Experience

Getting a local SIM card can enhance your overall travel experience in Paraguay by letting you communicate like a local.

2. Downsides of Getting a New SIM

While there are many benefits, there are a few downsides to keep in mind as well:

  • It does require some extra time and effort to purchase and set up correctly.
  • Having two different phone numbers can be confusing if you need to provide contacts/family back home with your updated number.
  • There is often a registration process which requires providing some personal documentation.

Overall though, for most travelers, the pros heavily outweigh the cons - especially if you need mobile data access for using maps or making online bookings/reservations. The convenience and cost savings are well worth it!

II. Paraguay SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

Category Type of SIM Card Description Pros Cons
Form Physical SIM The standard plastic SIM card inserted into device. Universal compatibility. Familiar technology. Requires physical slot in device.
  eSIM A digital SIM embedded in compatible devices. No physical SIM needed. More convenient. Limited device/network support currently.
Function Data-only SIM Allows only 4G/LTE data, no voice/SMS. More affordable. Suitable for data-only use. Cannot make calls or send texts.
  Voice & data SIM Regular SIM for calling, SMS, and data. Full functionality. Flexible long-term use. Requires registration. Not ideal for short trips.
  Tourist SIM Prepaid SIM by networks. Higher data, no registration. Ideal for visitors. Easy setup without docs. Validity and data usually limited.

In summary, while physical SIMs have wider compatibility, eSIM offers digital convenience. Data-only SIMs are cheap but limited. Tourist SIMs remove registration hassles but have data limits, making them best for short visitor use in Paraguay. Voice SIMs require registration making them less suitable for short trips.

III. How Much Data is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Paraguay?

Using a cell phone in Paraguay illustration
Using a cell phone in Paraguay

With Paraguay SIM cards generally offering quite affordable data packages, most travelers will want to get at least a few GB of data included so they have the freedom to use Google Maps for navigation, look at restaurants/attractions, upload pics to social media, stay connected with WhatsApp messaging and more – all without worrying about blowing through a small data allotment right away.

Here are some recommendations on Paraguay SIM data amounts:

  • For basic daily tasks such as light browsing or messaging use: 1GB should be sufficient for a short 3-5 day trip.
  • Long trips from 1- 2 weeks: around 3-5GB would offer reasonable comfort, this supports navigation, video streaming, or uploading photos.
  • Longer business trips (over 2 weeks): 5-10GB would be appropriate for presentations, files, and video calls that may need higher data.

Keep in mind with the right SIM card deals, getting huge 10GB+ allowances is possible on a 30-day tourist SIM for under $10 in Paraguay these days – making 4G LTE data extremely affordable by global standards.

IV. How Much Does a Paraguay SIM Card Cost?

Carrier Data Allotment Duration Price in USD
Tigo 2 GB 4 days $1.5
Tigo 3 GB 7 days $2.3
Tigo 4 GB 7 days $2.3
Tigo 4 GB 10 days $3.6
Tigo 4 GB 15 days $5
Tigo 5 GB 30 days $9.5
Claro 2 GB 7 days $3.2
Claro 3 GB 7 days $3.9
Claro 4 GB 7 days $2.3
Personal 3 GB 3 days $1.5
Personal 4 GB 10 days $3.6
Personal 4 GB 15 days $5
Personal 5 GB 30 days $9.5

In summary, prepaid SIM cards and data packages are readily available and very affordable in Paraguay, starting from $1.5 for tourists needing minimal data. Tigo offers the most competitive prices on average.

V. Paraguay eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

Unlike relying on a physical SIM card, offers prepaid eSIM plans for travelers visiting Paraguay. An eSIM is a digital SIM profile stored directly on your device’s chip, eliminating the need for a plastic card.

To avoid expensive roaming fees while exploring Paraguay, consider getting an eSIM data plan from Their eSIMs allow you to connect to local 4G/5G networks at reasonable rates instead of using your regular carrier abroad.’s eSIM plans provide several benefits:

  • Long validity periods from 7, 15 up to 30 days to match your trip duration.
  • Generous data allowances between 3-10GB per package.
  • Instant activation – eSIMs are delivered via email within minutes of purchase.
  • Compatibility with major eSIM devices like recent iPhone and Samsung models.
  • Self-installation just by scanning the QR code.
  • Reliable coverage nationwide through partner networks.
  • Ability to make calls, send texts, and use messaging apps.

Start exploring Paraguay freely by purchasing an eSIM plan from today. eSIMs are delivered instantly for hassle-free setup.

Plan that may interest you

Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.50
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $17.90

VI. Where to Buy Paraguay SIM Cards?

Unlike other destinations globally, it is quite easy to find Paraguay SIM cards for sale at neighborhood convenience stores, supermarkets like Maxi, and drugstores like Farma.

The major mobile operators like Claro, Personal, Tigo, and Vox all have wide distribution networks – so finding retailers selling prepaid SIMs usually takes just a quick search on Google Maps or by asking around.

Here are some of the most popular options for purchasing new Paraguay SIM cards:

Claro Stores

claro store
Claro – Mobile Operator in Paraguay.

One of the largest mobile carriers, finding official Claro store locations is easy in all major cities plus airports. Just stop in with your unlocked phone and passport to get set up.

Vox Stores

Another convenient spot to pick up Vox, Paraguay’s newest but rapidly growing operator. Stores have English support and the latest SIM+data promos on offer.

Sales Kiosks in Shopping Centers

Ask around for prepaid SIMs at booths/kiosks in Asuncion malls like Mariscal Lopez, Villa Morra, or Shopping del Sol. Rates change frequently but expect lots of data deals.

Chinese Supermarkets

Many visitors are surprised to find cheap Paraguay SIM cards sold at Asian grocery stores catering to Chinese expat communities in Fernando de la Mora.

👉 Tips

Wherever you decide to buy your new Paraguay SIM – just be sure to double-check the provider, validity period, data amounts, and pricing with staff when purchasing. Do not leave until you fully understand what is included!

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VII. How to Install and Activate Your Paraguay SIM Cards

After physically purchasing your SIM chip, you’ll need to activate it correctly for making calls, accessing mobile data speeds, and using SMS capabilities.

Here is a quick 4-step activation process:

1. Insert the Physical SIM Card

  • Locate the SIM card slot on your smartphone
  • Carefully insert the mini/nano SIM chip (may require an adapter)

2. Restart Your Device

  • Power phone off completely
  • Wait 30 seconds after inserting the new SIM chip
  • Power back on so SIM is detected

3. Connect to Mobile Data

  • Locate the network carrier name displayed (Should match who you purchased SIM from)
  • Toggle “Mobile Data” or “Cellular Data” on to connect

4. Add Credits

  • Dial the prompts to check the SIM number
  • Recharge with vouchers if included or via cash

Once these steps are fully complete - make a quick test call and run a speed check on mobile data to confirm everything is correctly set up!

VIII. Best Mobile Operators for Paraguay SIM Cards

There is healthy competition among telecom carriers in Paraguay – meaning great SIM card deals and packages available for foreigners:

Mobile Operator Coverage SIM Card Price Range Pros Cons eSIM Available
Claro Extensive nationwide 4G coverage reaching most urban and rural areas. $5-15 for SIM card and starter package. Largest network with reliable coverage. Wide range of plans and data packages. Can be more expensive than competitors. Customer service reportedly inconsistent. No
Tigo Nationwide 3G/4G coverage in major cities and towns. Coverage limited in remote areas. $3-10 for SIM card and starter package. Affordable plans. Good coverage in populated areas. Network quality varies depending on location. Limited remote area coverage. No
Personal Nationwide 3G/4G coverage, strongest in Asunción and other major cities. $5-12 for SIM card and starter package. Fast network speeds in major centers. Mid-range pricing. Coverage gaps in remote rural regions. Fewer stores than competitors. No

By doing some quick due diligence beforehand – you can find the perfect Paraguay SIM match based on your travel needs.

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IX. Tips for Saving Mobile Data on Your Paraguay SIM Cards

While getting 5GB, 10GB or unlimited Paraguay SIM data packages is easy and economical – you still will want to be smart about limiting potential data consumption for stretches where you have weaker connections available or need to conserve use for emergencies.

Here are 7 easy tips for reducing mobile data drainage:

1. Disable Background App Refreshing

Background downloading of social media feeds, and email syncing eats big data.

2. Limit Streaming Quality

Cap resolution on Netflix/Youtube to SD instead of HD where possible.

3. Download Offline Content

Save maps, playlists, and language packs like Google Translate to use later zero-rated.

4. Optimize Social Media

Reduce auto-playing videos and image sizes being downloaded.

5. Disable Data Roaming

Stay on local networks only, and avoid accidental roaming charges.

6. Turn on Airplane Mode

When you know you won’t need data for long stretches.

7. Monitor Usage Closely

Check usage meter in phone settings regularly to understand where data is going.

Getting in the habit of proactively limiting background data usage goes a long way toward avoiding surprise overages or running out sooner than expected.

Combine these tips to stay efficiently connected during your Paraguay trip!

X. Q&A

What carriers have the best coverage in Paraguay?

For the widest overall coverage around Paraguay – Claro generally has the most expansive 3G and 4G LTE reach. Personal and Vox would be next for primarily urban travel.

How long does it take to activate my SIM in Paraguay?

If shop staff helps correctly configure APN settings when you purchase, SIM should activate instantly. Total time to pickup and start using within an hour.

Can I use Paraguay SIM in other South American countries?

Unfortunately, services do not carry over borders on a Paraguay SIM. But many operators let you renew easily online even after departing the country.

Are tourist SIM cards in Paraguay only for phones?

No – you can use Paraguay data SIMs for tablets and cellular-equipped laptops too! Just be sure to test speeds and confirm data/APN connectivity on your specific device first if not a standard smartphone.

Do I need to show a passport to buy Paraguay SIM cards?

Yes – legal registration requires showing a valid passport at point of sale to initially activate and put credits on your new SIM.

Can I use dual SIM phones with Paraguay SIM cards?

Yes, dual SIM devices are super handy for keeping your home country number active while adding local Paraguay service. Just be sure your phone has proper frequency band support for Paraguayan networks.

XI. Final Words

With super affordable data packages and plenty of prepaid operators to choose from, getting connected with a local Paraguay SIM card is a breeze for stays of any duration.

The hardest part is deciding just how much high-speed 4G LTE data you’ll realistically need – as you can easily get unlimited amounts for ~$10/month in 2023!

By following this guide to activate and efficiently use your new SIM abroad paired with a capable global roaming eSIM backup plan – you’ll stay conveniently connected just like a local across your Paraguay adventures.