Claro is one of the leading mobile operators in Paraguay. With extensive network coverage and fast mobile internet speeds, Claro SIM cards offer tourists excellent connectivity options when visiting Paraguay.

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I. Quick Facts about Claro

Claro is the brand name used by América Móvil for its mobile operations in Latin America. Some of the key facts about Claro in Paraguay include:

  • Founded year: 2003
  • Full company name: AMX Paraguay S.A.
  • Types of services provided: Mobile telephony, mobile data, mobile money
  • Number of subscribers: Over 3 million
  • Coverage: 96% 2G coverage and 84% 4G coverage
  • Estimated number of network of stores, and agents: Over 3000 retail points and authorized dealers across the country

II. Why Claro When You’re Exploring Paraguay – Coverage and Speed

1. Claro Network Coverage in Paraguay

Claro boasts the most extensive 2G and 4G mobile networks in Paraguay, covering over 96% of the population with basic 2G voice services. Its 4G/LTE network is available in all key cities and most tourist destinations providing high-speed mobile internet for social media, maps & navigation, and more.

Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage
Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage.

Some specifics on Claro’s coverage reach:

  • 2G – Covers over 96% of Paraguay by population
  • 4G/LTE – Reaches 84% population coverage. All major cities & tourist sites have 4G
  • 4G+ – LTE Advanced service available in key urban centers like Asuncion
  • Fastest Mobile Internet – Claro has the highest average 4G download speeds

So no matter whether you are in dense urban metros like Asuncion, remote rural villages or popular tourist attractions – chances are Claro will have you well connected.

2. Claro Speed

Claro Upload Speed Experience

In addition to extensive coverage, Claro’s mobile network is also renowned for its high speeds and lowest latency.

Some key metrics about Claro’s mobile data performance:

  • Average 4G Download Speed – 33 Mbps, highest amongst Paraguayan telcos
  • Average 4G Upload Speed – 10 Mbps
  • 4G+ Speeds – Up to 250 Mbps with LTE Advanced
  • Video Streaming – HD and 4K video streaming supported
  • Mobile gaming – Low ping and latency for real-time mobile gameplay

High speeds and low latency mean you can make crystal-clear video calls, stream movies seamlessly, share photos instantly, and enjoy immersive mobile gameplay without frustrating lags or buffering delays.

III. Claro Connectivity Options for Travelers to Paraguay

Claro offers tourists visiting Paraguay multiple options to stay connected during their trip including:

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Physical SIM Card No need for eSIM compatible device; Can make calls/SMS Need to purchase SIM card on arrival; Hassle of changing SIMS for each trip
Claro Prepaid SIM Card Low upfront cost; Calling/SMS included Must purchase on arrival; Fixed data allowance
Claro Pay As You Go SIM Flexible usage; Top up as needed Higher per MB cost than package; Must purchase on arrival
Claro Monthly Plan Unlimited data options; Long validity Higher monthly cost; Long term commitment

With options to suit every budget and device – getting connected is quick and convenient with a Claro SIM or plan.

IV. Best Claro SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Claro’s tourist/visitor prepaid plans are an economical option to stay connected in Paraguay without expensive roaming fees.

Some of the best Claro visitor plans include:

Plan Price (USD) Validity Data Voice (minutes) SMS
1GB - 7 Day Plan $1.4 7 days 1GB 4G data 100 Local minutes 100
5GB - 15 Day Plan $5 15 days 5GB 4G data 200 Local minutes 200
20GB - 30 Day Plan $17 30 days 20GB 4G data Unlimited calls to Claro numbers 300

Heavy data users planning longer multi-week stays for business, blogging, vlogs, or remote work. Surf, stream, and share to your heart’s content. Claro also offers larger 100GB plans valid for 30 days for 250,000 PYG (~$36) suitable for frequent travelers.

V. Does Claro Support eSIM in Paraguay?

Yes, Claro does offer eSIM support in Paraguay across prepaid and postpaid plans. So tourists with eSIM-capable devices like iPhone 14/13 or Google Pixel 7/6 series can activate Claro connectivity via eSIM.

Some aspects of Claro eSIM in Paraguay:

  • Devices Supported – iPhone 14/13/12, Pixel 7/6/5 series, iPad Pro M2/M1 etc
  • Plans Available – Prepaid data packs from 1GB to 100GB just like physical SIM
  • Activation Process – Quick online activation by scanning the QR code
  • Cost – Same rates as regular SIM cards

So with Claro eSIM, you can easily connect new iPhones and Android devices without having to physically switch SIM cards.

Besides, if you’re looking for an alternative to using the Claro network, – the #1 Paraguay eSIM provider also offers some very convenient eSIM options. has a variety of affordable eSIM plans for Paraguay. Plans include 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15-day options with daily data allowances ranging from 1-3GB.

Paraguay is calling, answer roaming free with

VI. Where Can You Buy a Claro SIM card and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy Claro SIM cards in Paraguay?

As the leading telco, Claro SIM cards are conveniently available at 1000s of locations across Paraguay including:

  • Claro Stores – Available at 100s of Official Claro stores
  • Partner retailers – Sold at 1000s of authorized Claro retail outlets
  • Airports – SIM cards sold at arrival halls of all international airports
  • Hotels & Hostels – Many hotels, hostels and vacation rentals sell SIMs
  • Supermarkets – Leading grocery store chains also stock Claro SIMs

When buying, remember to carry your passport as ID proof. The entire process of purchasing and activating a new Claro SIM in Paraguay is very quick and efficient.

2. Where to Buy Claro eSIM in Paraguay?

Since eSIM activation is completely digital, you can purchase and activate Claro eSIM remotely before even landing in Paraguay through these channels:

  • Claro eSIM Website – Buy prepaid eSIM by scanning QR code remotely
  • Claro App – For existing users, the existing Claro app itself allows eSIM activation
  • Roaming Apps – adhocPass, and Surfroam let you buy Paraguay eSIM packs before arrival

So getting connected via Claro eSIM in Paraguay is super convenient needing only your device and internet access.

VII. How to Activate Claro SIM cards/eSIM in Paraguay?

1. How to Use Claro SIM Cards in Paraguay?

Activating new Claro SIM cards in Paraguay is fast and convenient:

  • Insert SIM in phone & power on
  • Enter SIM PIN if prompted & accept carrier settings
  • Make a test call – Dial *123# to confirm connectivity
  • Recharge account – Enter ID and buy a prepaid data pack from the choices above
  • Start using – You will get SMS confirmation upon successful activation

The entire process above should not take more than 5-10 minutes in total.

2. How to Activate Claro eSIM?

To use Claro eSIM, you need to first install the eSIM profile by scanning the QR code:

  • Visit the eSIM store – Go to using your phone browser
  • Choose a plan – Select the desired data pack between 1GB to 100GB options
  • Enter details – Share email ID and make payment
  • Get QR code – A unique QR code will be emailed instantly
  • Scan QR code – Open the camera app and scan the code to activate eSIM

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VIII. Claro Call & SMS Rates

While Claro’s prepaid plans include local calling minutes, understanding standard calling and SMS rates is useful:

Type of Call/SMS Destination Rate
Local Calls Claro to Claro 500 Gs/min (~$0.07)
Local Calls Other local networks 1500 Gs/min (~$0.2)
National Calls   1800 Gs/min (~$0.25)
International Calls USA/Canada 3300 Gs/min (~$0.5)
International Calls Europe 4900 Gs/min (~$0.7)
Local SMS   500 Gs (~$0.07)

So overall, local calls and texts using Claro in Paraguay are very affordable. Bulk minutes and SMS bundles bring rates down further allowing worry-free usage.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Claro SIM cards/eSIM

USSD codes are a quick way to access account settings and info without having to call customer care.

Some useful USSD codes for Claro Paraguay prepaid connections are:

  • **444# – Check Main Balance
  • **555# – Remaining Voice, data & SMS units
  • **123# – Test if SIM is activated correctly
  • **321# – Last 5 recharges and validity info
  • **100# – Switch between per second/minute billing

So whether you want to check remaining data or account validity, USSD codes help access key details easily without apps or IVRs.

X. How to Top-up Claro SIM cards/eSIM

It is easy to recharge Claro accounts in Paraguay both offline and online via:

Offline Recharge

  • Claro stores/outlets – Pay cash to the top account
  • Vouchers – Denominations from 5000 PYG ($0,67) to 500,000 PYG ($66,83) sold across the country

Online Recharge Channels

  • Claro App/Website – Register your card and recharge using an international card
  • – Trusted global airtime service supporting 150 countries

Some tips for easy Claro recharges:

  • Keep the minimum account balance of 25,000 PYG ($3,34) to avoid deactivation
  • Recharges done online may take up to 24 hours to reflect
  • Opt for multi-weeks long validity packs to minimize recharges

So through various user-friendly mediums, keeping your Claro SIM active is quick.

XI. Alternatives to Claro

1. Other Main Local Mobile Operators

While Claro is the top choice for prepaid SIM card and eSIM connectivity in Paraguay, here are some alternatives tourists can consider:


  • Second largest mobile operator after Claro
  • Good urban coverage with 3G/4G networks
  • Comparable prepaid visitor plans to Claro


  • Part of Telecom Argentina Group
  • Strongest in rural areas lacking Claro/Tigo coverage
  • Prepaid SIM great for outdoor adventures

So depending on exact travel plans, Tigo or Personal SIM card can also be great options for seamless connectivity in Paraguay.

2. Buy eSIM plans from

A more convenient option is to buy an eSIM plan from, which is Paraguay’s leading eSIM provider powered by GIGAGO. They offer affordable data packages on reliable networks without any contracts or deposits. After purchasing a plan, you will receive an activation QR code via email, which you can scan on your device to connect instantly to the high-speed network. You don’t need to swap physical SIM cards – just download and go.

Plan that may interest you

Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.50
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $17.90

These providers can serve as alternatives if you need more specific roaming capabilities or have issues getting data service from certain carriers in certain regions of Paraguay during your visit.


Can I keep my existing number with Claro SIM?

No, Claro prepaid SIMs come with new Paraguay mobile numbers. You cannot port international numbers.

Can I use Claro SIM in other South American countries?

Claro SIM works in Paraguay only. For roaming in Argentina, Brazil etc you’ll need a separate local SIM.

How long is my Claro SIM active if unused?

Typically 180-365 days after the last recharge. But small validity packs expire faster if unused.

Can I use Claro SIM in hotspots or mobile routers?

Yes, Claro prepaid SIM works with hotspots and routers just like phones. But no roaming.

Is registration required for Claro’s prepaid SIM card?

Customers only need to submit basic ID proof. No pre-registration is needed before buying a SIM.

XIII. Final Words

With excellent coverage, high speeds, and affordable prepaid packs, Claro SIM cards make exploring Paraguay easy and convenient for tourists. And supporting eSIM activation remotely pre-arrival makes getting connected easier than ever.

Just find a suitable data pack for your trip duration, buy a Claro SIM on arrival, or activate an eSIM before your flight, and stay in touch with loved ones seamlessly as you journey across this beautiful country.