Tigo is the largest mobile network in Paraguay, covering over 95% of the population. Their SIM cards and eSIM provide reliable connectivity for tourists exploring this beautiful South American country.

Affordable call, text and data packages let tourists stay in touch locally while exploring. Tigo provides reliable connectivity through extensive coverage. Tigo SIM cards or eSIM ensure easy communication during your trip on Paraguay’s most dependable carrier.

tigo sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Tigo

Tigo is one of the leading mobile and internet providers in Paraguay. Here are some key facts about the company:

  • Founded in 1996
  • Full company name: Telefónica Celular del Paraguay S.A.
  • Services provided: 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE mobile phone and data services, including voice, text messaging, and mobile broadband internet
  • Over 2 million mobile subscribers as of 2022
  • Coverage reaches 97% of the population
  • Estimated 500+ Tigo stores and agents across Paraguay

II. Why Tigo When You’re Exploring Paraguay – Coverage and Speed

1. Tigo Network Coverage in Paraguay

Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage
Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage.

With 97% population coverage, Tigo has the most extensive mobile network in Paraguay. They utilize both 3G and 4G/LTE technology to provide service across the country.

Tigo coverage includes major cities like Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, and more. Their signals also reach into rural areas and smaller towns, with over 2,300 network towers located nationwide.

This widespread coverage makes Tigo a reliable choice for staying connected no matter where your travels take you while visiting Paraguay.

2. Tigo Speed

Paraguay Speed Test
Paraguay Speed Test

In addition to broad coverage, Tigo also offers fast network speeds on their 4G/LTE network. Users report average download speeds ranging from 10-35 Mbps on 4G devices.

These fast speeds allow you to quickly load web pages, stream video content, download files, use video chat apps, and more. Tigo’s network is on par speed-wise with top providers in North America and Europe.

The combination of expansive coverage plus fast speeds makes Tigo the best option for staying connected across Paraguay as a visitor. Their network outpaces the competition when it comes to reaching rural areas while still providing excellent speed.

III. Tigo Connectivity Options for Travelers to Paraguay

Option Pros Cons
Physical SIM Card No setup required, just insert SIM card; Local Paraguay phone number Need to purchase SIM card upfront
eSIM No need to swap SIM cards; Instant activation online or via QR code Support depends on device compatibility
Tigo PayGo Prepaid, no commitment or contracts; Easy top-ups available Must remember to top up credit
Tigo Tourist Pass Data-only package ideal for travelers; Multiday packages available Limited to data only, no calls/SMS; Must purchase package upfront
Wi-Fi Calling Use existing number on Tigo network; Avoid roaming charges Depends on strong Wi-Fi connection; Extra app download required

In summary, the physical SIM card is the most straightforward option but requires purchasing upfront. eSIM provides convenience but depends on the device. Tigo PayGo and Tourist Pass offer cost-effective prepaid options suitable for short trips, while Wi-Fi Calling allows using an existing number abroad.

IV. Best Tigo SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Plan Price (USD) Validity Data Voice Minutes SMS
800 MB Pack $0.12 2 days 800 MB
1.5 GB Pack $0.15 3 days 1.5 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks Unlimited SMS
1.5 GB Pack $0.18 3 days 1.5 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks 30 domestic minutes
2 GB Pack $0.23 5 days 2 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks 100 domestic minutes

Overall, Tigo tourist SIMs provide an affordable and hassle-free way for foreigners traveling to Paraguay to stay connected nationwide.

V. Does Tigo Support eSIM in Paraguay?

Yes, Tigo launched eSIM support in Paraguay back in 2021. eSIM allows you to access their network without needing to physically insert a SIM card.

Instead, an embedded SIM chip inside your phone is remotely configured and activated over-the-air. This virtual SIM then provides data and voice connectivity powered by Tigo’s network towers.

To use Tigo eSIM in Paraguay, you’ll need:

  • An unlocked phone with eSIM functionality
  • Tigo's eSIM app installed to manage your plan
  • An active Tigo eSIM data pack

With eSIM ready to go, you can use mobile data during your travels across Paraguay with Tigo’s coverage and speeds.

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VI. Where Can You Buy Tigo SIM cards and eSIM?

1. Where to Buy Tigo SIM cards in Paraguay?

As Paraguay’s largest network, it’s easy to find Tigo stores and purchase SIM cards across the country.

Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU)
Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU). Source

Some of the main options:

  • Silvio Pettirossi International Airport – There is an official Tigo shop after exiting customs/immigration where you can buy their latest tourist SIM card packs.
  • Tigo Stores – There are Tigo-branded stores located in most towns and cities where you can also pick up SIMs.
  • Authorized Resellers – Many corner stores, gas stations, and other retailers display Tigo signage and sell vouchers to redeem SIM cards on location.

When purchasing, you'll need to show your passport for identification purposes. Keep the SIM receipt/voucher to activate. Staff generally speak some basic English in tourist areas to help visitors buy the right Tigo SIM card for their devices and travel needs.

2. Where to Buy Tigo eSIM in Paraguay?

As eSIM doesn’t require swapping physical SIMs, you configure Tigo eSIM directly from your phone instead.

Follow these steps to set up Tigo eSIM while visiting Paraguay:

  • Install Tigo PY eSIM app (for iOS or Android)
  • Launch the app and select the Tourist eSIM plan
  • Enter passport details
  • Pay for data pack (via international credit/debit card or PayPal)
  • An activation code will be sent to activate your eSIM

Once activated in the app with a data pack, your device gains access to Tigo's high-speed mobile data network across Paraguay. Top-up/recharge eSIM by purchasing additional data packs from the Tigo eSIM app when needed.

VII. How to Activate Tigo SIM cards/eSIM in Paraguay?

1. How to Use Tigo SIM Cards in Paraguay?

Activating purchased Tigo SIM cards is straightforward:

  • Insert Tigo SIM cards into the unlocked phone (nano/micro/mini size)
  • Set phone network mode to “Automatic” and reboot
  • Tigo network will auto-configure mobile data, SMS, calls
  • Set up Tigo py phone app to manage SIM account

You'll then receive a welcome SMS from Tigo confirming activation. Dial *222# to check SIM balances for calling minutes, texts, and mobile data. Finally, switch on mobile data to start surfing the web and using apps wherever you travel in Paraguay covered by Tigo's network reach.

2. How to Activate Tigo eSIM?

To begin using Tigo eSIM while visiting Paraguay:

  • Install the Tigo PY eSIM app on your phone (iOS/Android)
  • Launch the app and register the account with email and passport details
  • Choose the tourist eSIM data pack matching visit length
  • Pay with international credit/debit card or PayPal
  • Confirm email and activation code will be sent shortly
  • Click the activation link, and accept carrier terms to complete the setup

After following the setup, your device gains access to Tigo’s mobile data via their eSIM service. Manage your account and top-up data packs as required right in the Tigo app during your travels across Paraguay.

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VIII. Tigo Call & SMS Rates

Tigo prepaid SIMs and eSIM provide affordable domestic call and text rates while traveling in Paraguay:

Call Type Rate (USD/minute)
Calls to Tigo numbers $0.02
Calls to other Paraguay numbers $0.04
SMS text messages $0.01/text

Still, for mainly domestic usage during your visit, Tigo call and SMS rates are quite budget-friendly within Paraguay. Even pay-as-you-go rates remain low nationwide.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Tigo SIM/eSIM

Tigo has several useful USSD access codes to manage balances and account settings:

USSD Command Usage
*222# Check Balance
777# Buy Data Bundle
565*# Transfer Credit
*888# Check Data Usage
21# Call Forwarding On
002# Call Forwarding Off

Simply dial these codes into your Tigo-connected phone to check usage, top up data/airtime, enable utilities like call forwarding, and more.

USSD codes provide quick shortcuts to account options without needing to use mobile apps or customer support. Memorize codes like *222# and *888# to easily monitor balances while visiting.

X. How to Top-up Tigo SIM cards/eSIM

When initial data, minutes, or SMS balances run low, you’ll need to top-up/recharge your Tigo prepaid SIM or eSIM.

For Tigo SIM Cards, visit any branded store, shop, or outlet displaying Tigo reload signage. Then:

  • Tell the clerk your phone number
  • Pay cash for top-up/recharge voucher
  • Dial 555# to redeem extra data, minutes, texts

Check balance by dialing *222# after recharging to confirm additional amounts.

For Tigo eSIM, open the Tigo PY eSIM app and:

  • Go to the “My Plans” section
  • Choose add-on data pack matching needs
  • Pay securely through the app via card/PayPal
  • New data gets added instantly after purchase

Either way, topping up Tigo credit is fast whether you purchased an initial prepaid SIM or are using eSIM. This flexibility makes it easy to budget spending during your trip.

XI. Alternatives to Tigo

1. Other Main Local Mobile Operators

While Tigo has the best overall network coverage and speeds countrywide, there are two other major providers in Paraguay if Tigo doesn’t suit your needs:


  • Owned by Telecom Argentina
  • Strong coverage in metropolitan areas
  • More expensive data rates


  • Branded as América Móvil in Latin America
  • Decent urban coverage
  • Data speeds trail Tigo 4G LTE

However, for tourists, Tigo remains the top pick thanks to:

  • 97% population coverage nationwide
  • Fast average 4G speeds up to 35 Mbps
  • Affordable prepaid SIM and data packs
  • Support eSIM for compatible devices
  • The wide availability of stores and top-up outlets

Tigo has cemented itself as Paraguay's premium mobile carrier - ideal for worry-free connectivity across your itinerary.

2. Buy an eSIM from esimparaguay.com

Getting online on your travels around Paraguay has never been easier with esimparaguay.com. As one of the top eSIM service providers in the country, they offer affordable data packages that allow you to enjoy fast internet access without commitments or deposits typically required with SIM plans.

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This brings incredible convenience for maintaining connectivity while mobile. Simply ordering and scanning provides instant access. Truly a smooth solution perfect for getting online while traveling thanks to this clear purchasing and setup process.

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Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
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Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
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Can I use my Tigo SIM/eSIM in other South American countries?

No, Tigo services only work within Paraguay itself. International roaming is not included with prepaid plans.

How long do Tigo SIM cards last?

The Tigo SIM aimed at visitors remains active for 7 continuous days from first use. Extend by recharging more credit/data before expiry.

Is 4G/LTE included with Tigo SIMs?

Yes, Tigo prepaid SIMs and eSIM packs all include high-speed 4G/LTE data for compatible devices. This allows web browsing, video streaming, using apps at fast speeds

How can I check Tigo data usage?

Dial *888# on your Tigo-connected phone. This USSD code will send a text detailing data amounts used so far during your billing period.

Does Tigo have stores at Silvio Pettirossi airport?

Yes, there is an official Tigo shop after exiting customs at Silvio Pettirossi airport. Convenient for purchasing their latest tourist SIM card before leaving the terminal.

How do I contact Tigo support?

Dial *777 from your Tigo phone or contact them via web chat and social media channels listed on their website. English language support is available.

XIII. Final Words

For staying conveniently connected across Paraguay, Tigo SIM cards and eSIM provide the best overall value and network coverage for foreign tourists.

Be sure to purchase Tigo SIM cards or eSIM data packs matched to your travel duration. Both options beat roaming internationally from your home country. Finally, don’t forget to use Tigo’s USSD codes for convenient account management during your trip!