Personal is Paraguay’s second largest network. With Personal, tourists can connect to affordable call rates nationwide and SMS bundles, data packages provide internet access to explore freely.

For hassle-free communications during your trip, Personal SIM cards or eSIM is a budget-friendly option. Tourists have easy, dependable mobile access through their extensive national network.

Personal sim cards

I. Quick Facts about Personal

Personal is a mobile network operator in Paraguay founded in 1996. The full company name is Telefónica Celular del Paraguay S.A. Personal which provides a wide range of mobile voice, messaging, and data services to consumers and businesses.

Some key facts about Personal:

  • Over 4 million mobile subscribers nationwide
  • 97% population coverage across Paraguay
  • 3G and 4G/LTE networks available
  • Over 150 retail stores and agents across the country

1. Personal Network Coverage in Paraguay

Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage
Paraguay Mobile Internet Coverage

Personal boasts a 97% population coverage in Paraguay spanning all departments. Its network reaches major cities like Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Encarnación as well as smaller towns across the countryside.

With over 1,300 network towers, Personal provides consistent connectivity almost everywhere you go in Paraguay. It leverages both low-band and high-band spectrums for a good balance of rural and urban coverage.

You’ll get a reliable Personal mobile signal along major roadways and tourist sites. But there may be occasional rural dead zones in remote parts of the Chaco region. Overall, Personal mobile coverage is excellent across most of Paraguay.

2. Personal Speed

Personal Speed
Personal Speed

In addition to wide network reach, Personal also offers fast 4G LTE mobile data to customers.

Its LTE network spans 60% of the population currently and is available in all major cities and towns. You can enjoy LTE speeds averaging 35 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up based on OpenSignal data.

This is fast enough for web browsing, using maps/apps, streaming music, SD video calling, and more while traveling in Paraguay. While not the absolute fastest, Personal 4G speeds are very good for a developing world carrier.

II. Why Personal When You’re Exploring Paraguay?

Personal is the right carrier for visitors to choose in Paraguay because of its:

  • Vast 4G and 3G coverage across all touristic areas
  • Fast, reliable mobile data on LTE network
  • Affordable prepaid tourist SIM card options
  • The wide availability of SIM cards and top-ups nationwide
  • Excellent network service and performance for travel needs

With Personal, you can stay conveniently connected as you travel through Paraguay - without worry about coverage, speed or reliability issues. It has invested heavily over 25+ years to build a top-class mobile network geared for travelers.

III. Personal Connectivity Options for Travelers

Option Pros Cons
Local SIM card Low cost of data in-country Need to purchase SIM card upfront
Cellular data roaming Continue using existing SIM Much higher roaming data costs
Wi-Fi hotspots Free internet at some locations Coverage limited to hotspot areas
Portable Wi-Fi router Bring own Wi-Fi network Extra cost and equipment to carry
Data eSIM No need to swap SIM cards Depends on device compatibility
Hotel/accommodation Wi-Fi Often included in booking Not always reliable quality
Travel Wi-Fi provider Daily/weekly passes for many countries Still requires purchase upfront

In summary, a local SIM card offers the most cost-effective option while in-country. Wi-Fi hotspots provide free basic connectivity. eSIM or travel Wi-Fi providers balance convenience with flexibility but require upfront purchases. Cellular roaming or personal hotspots are convenient but significantly more expensive options for travelers. Choosing the best combination depends on needs, trip length, and destination.

IV. Best Personal SIM Cards for Tourists

Plan Price (USD) Validity Data Voice Minutes SMS
1 GB Pack $0.77 2 days 1 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks Unlimited SMS to Personal
2 GB Pack $1.15 3 days 2 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks Unlimited SMS to Personal
2.5 GB Pack $1.38 5 days 2.5 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks Unlimited SMS to Personal
3 GB Pack $1.69 7 days 3 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks Unlimited SMS to Personal
4 GB Pack $2.31 10 days 4 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks
5 GB Pack $3.85 20 days 5 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks
5 GB Pack $5.38 30 days 5 GB Unlimited minutes to all networks

In summary, all plans feature unlimited calls to any network alongside free WhatsApp usage within the data bundle validity. This makes the packs convenient for travelers combining social media, calls, and basic internet on the go via a single prepaid SIM card.

V. Does Personal Support eSIM?

Yes, Personal launched eSIM support in mid-2022. So you can use eSIM as an alternative to physical SIM cards in Paraguay.

Availability of Personal eSIM is still limited however compared to regular SIM cards that are abundantly available. But eSIM options are expanding.

Currently, Personal provides prepaid tourist eSIM with the same bundles. The upfront eSIM cost is slightly higher at 25,000 Gs ($ 3.30) – but still very affordable.

If you need eSIM service from Personal during your travel in Paraguay, we recommend ordering in advance online for pickup in the country when you arrive or delivery straight to your hotel.

Consider using an eSIM from – the #1 Paraguay eSIM provider as an alternative. offers diverse plans for any traveling goals at affordable prices.

Swith the digital with - The easiest way to stay connected in Paraguay

VI. Where To Buy Personal SIM Cards & eSIM

You can easily find and purchase Personal SIM cards & eSIMs using the following channels:

1. Where To Buy Personal SIM Cards

Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU)
Silvio Pettirossi International Airport (ASU).

As the largest mobile operator, Personal SIM cards are widely available at:

  • Personal stores – 138 locations across Paraguay’s cities/towns
  • Thousands of independent top-up shops & kiosks
  • Most convenience stores like Stop Shop, Shell Select
  • Airports – both Silvio Pettirossi ASU & Guarani International AGT

So you'll have no problems finding a Personal SIM card at dozens of nearby sales points no matter where you are in Paraguay.

2. Where To Buy Personal eSIM

Personal eSIM is newer and has less retail availability currently. The best options are:

  • Online (official website or resellers) for delivery globally
  • Select Personal stores have eSIM stock – mainly Asuncion locations
  • Airports often have tourist eSIMs available

Ordering a Personal eSIM for pickup on-arrival or directly to your hotel simplifies the process greatly over finding in local stores. Supply is limited but improving as eSIM gains adoption.

VII. Activating Personal SIM Card & eSIM

Activating your new Personal SIM or eSIM is very quick and easy in Paraguay:

1. Activate Personal SIM Card

  • Buy Personal Turista SIM available everywhere
  • Insert SIM and turn on phone
  • Select Personal network and enable data
  • Enter PIN if prompted and wait to connect

That’s it! Personal’s prepaid SIM begins working automatically with no registration required.

After first use, go to Bundle Menu to purchase data/minute package you want. Easy self-service activation.

2. Activate Personal eSIM

To activate a Personal prepaid eSIM:

  • If eSIM is not already installed, first scan the QR code to add to the device
  • Turn on Personal service from the eSIM menu
  • Select Personal network and enable data
  • Securely enter the purchase PIN to activate the service

And just like that your eSIM is active! Ready for selecting prepaid bundle that suits your travel usage needs. Both Personal SIM card and eSIM enable seamless self-activation in minutes with no registration hurdles for visitors to Paraguay.

VIII. Personal Call & SMS Rates

Personal prepaid offers low domestic call rates along with several SMS bundles to select from during your stay in Paraguay:

Carrier Call Type Rate (USD)
Personal Calls to Personal numbers $0.008/min
Personal Calls to other networks $0.04/min
Personal Incoming calls Free

These low call and SMS rates keep you affordably connected with contacts locally or regionally during your Paraguay visit. Rates are even cheaper than many neighboring countries. So don't hesitate to make calls over Personal's network while exploring Paraguay.

IX. Personal USSD Codes

Personal has USSD short codes for checking account balance and prepaid bundles using your mobile:

USSD Command Usage
*123# Check main balance
*555# Check data/minute bundles

No need to use the mobile app or call customer service. Just enter USSD codes above to check remain balances directly on your Personal prepaid SIM or eSIM.

X. Topping-Up Personal SIM Cards & eSIM

When your balance runs low, it’s easy to top-up and continue enjoying Personal’s mobile service in Paraguay.

You have several convenient recharge options:

  • Online Top-Up via Personal website/app by international credit card
  • In-person top-up at over 5,000 Onpc Points shops across Paraguay
  • Vouchers from many stores to enter recharge PIN
  • Cash payments accepted at Personal stores

Online top-up or Onpc Point partners offer the fastest way to add more funds. But vouchers and cash work too. With abundant access, keeping your Personal SIM or eSIM active is simple.

Just remember to recharge at least $0,68 every 6 months or Personal will deactivate dormant SIM card. Avoid the hassle by periodic small top-ups.

XI. Alternatives to Personal in Paraguay

1. Other Main Local Mobile Operators

The only major alternative to Personal is Tigo – the second largest mobile network in Paraguay with 2+ million subscribers.

However, Tigo has much more limited prepaid tourist SIM card availability compared to Personal’s ubiquitous distribution. Its network coverage reach is also smaller, especially on rural regions.

So for reliable connectivity across Paraguay during your visit, Personal remains the clear best choice over using Tigo or other minor carriers.

2. Buy an eSIM from

Travelers visiting Paraguay will enjoy a hassle-free connectivity experience thanks to As the leading digital SIM provider in the country, they provide very affordable data packages on fast and reliable networks without long-term commitments or deposits.

Once an eSIM plan is purchased, the QR code for instant activation will quickly arrive by email. From then on, surfing the high-speed 4G network is simply a scan away after downloading the QR code on your compatible device.

This eliminates the inconvenience of regularly switching physical SIM cards while on the move. It’s truly a seamless process to have mobile internet access while exploring thanks to this convenient solution of ordering online and instantly scanning to get connected.

Plan that may interest you

Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.50
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $17.90


Does Personal have roaming deals for visitors?

No, Personal does not currently offer roaming packages or eSIM for non-residents. You must obtain a local prepaid SIM card or eSIM with Paraguay number to use their service.

Can I use Personal SIM cards in other countries?

Personal SIM cards only provide domestic service within Paraguay. They don’t offer roaming access internationally. But you can continue using the SIM card on return visits over 2 years validity period.

Does Personal have 5G coverage or plans?

As of late 2022, Personal has not yet launched commercial 5G services. Paraguay currently has no public 5G networks available from any provider. Personal’s fast 4G network is the best connectivity option today.

Is registration required for the prepaid SIM card?

No registration or showing ID is necessary to buy and activate Personal’s prepaid options including tourist SIM card and eSIM. Self-service activation without hassles.

Do Personal SIM cards work for unlocked iPhones or Samsung phones?

Yes, Personal’s service works great for most unlocked US phones including iPhones and Samsung/Android devices. Personal’s 4G LTE bands support common North American phone models. Just insert the SIM card to connect.

XIII. Final Words

We hope this guide provides useful awareness for visitors exploring Paraguay on how Personal SIM cards and eSIM can conveniently keep you connected nationwide.

So seek out Personal SIM cards or eSIM matched to your device and connectivity preference when you arrive. Then stay connected with reliable service during your adventures in Paraguay!