Staying connected while exploring the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Paraguay is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable trip. But navigating data roaming charges can be a confusing and expensive mess. Here’s your one-stop guide to understanding data roaming in Paraguay, ensuring you stay connected without breaking the bank.

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I. Understand Data Roaming in Paraguay

Staying connected while exploring Paraguay can be a challenge. Here’s a breakdown of data roaming to help you plan:

  • High Costs: Data roaming charges from your home carrier in Paraguay can be exorbitant. Expect fees per megabyte (MB) or even per day, leading to a hefty bill upon your return.
  • Limited Speeds: Even with roaming enabled, internet speeds might be limited compared to your home plan. Downloading large files, streaming videos, or video calls could be frustratingly slow.
  • Unexpected Charges: Data usage can be easy to underestimate. Be aware of background app refreshes and automatic downloads that might eat into your data allowance and incur additional roaming fees.

Data roaming in Paraguay offers convenience but at a significant cost.  Exploring alternative options like purchasing a local SIM card or using eSIMs is highly recommended for a budget-friendly and frustration-free connected experience throughout your Paraguayan adventure!

Roaming fees may vary depending on the provider and time. So check your provider for details on roaming charges before your trip.

II. Roaming Charges in Paraguay

Roaming Charges in Paraguay are very complicated. It required much effort to research with many Operators. We will guide you on the way to check roaming charges before your Paraguay trip.

1. How to Check Roaming Charges Before Your Travel To Paraguay

For the modern traveler, staying connected during international adventures is essential. However, unexpected roaming charges upon returning home can dampen the joy of exploration. This guide outlines will help you handle probable roaming charges beforehand as you plan your Paraguay vacation.

Contact Your Carrier

The most direct approach is contacting your mobile carrier. Ask for their specific roaming rates for Paraguay, including charges per MB, per minute for calls and texts, and any daily or weekly roaming passes they might offer.

Check Your Carrier’s Website

Most carrier websites have dedicated sections for international roaming charges. Search for Paraguay or browse roaming rate tables to find the specific fees associated with data usage, calls, and texts.

Download Your Carrier’s App

Many carriers offer mobile apps for account management. Download and explore the app to see if it displays roaming rates or allows you to activate roaming packages specifically for Paraguay.

By taking a few minutes to check roaming charges with your carrier, you can make informed decisions.  This knowledge empowers you to choose alternative solutions like local SIM cards or eSIMs for a budget-friendly and worry-free mobile experience throughout your Paraguayan adventure!

Verizon roaming charges checker
Verizon roaming charges checker. Source

2. Roaming Charges in Paraguay by USA Mobile Operators

Venturing to Paraguay with your US phone? Brace yourself for potential sticker shock with roaming charges. Here’s a glimpse of what major US mobile operators might charge:

Mobile Operator in USACallsTextData
AT&T$3.00 per minute$1.00 per message$10.00 per MB
Verizon$2.99 per minute$1.00 per message$2.00 per MB
T-MobileVaries by plan, often highVaries by plan, often highVaries by plan, often high (Packages available)

Note: Prices are approximate and subject to change. Always check with your specific plan and carrier for the latest rates.

These rates highlight the high cost of roaming in Paraguay. Alternative options like prepaid SIM cards or eSIMs upon arrival are highly recommended. They offer significantly lower data prices, call rates, and texting fees, ensuring a budget-friendly and frustration-free way to stay connected throughout your Paraguayan adventure!

III. Best Ways to Avoid Roaming Charges in Paraguay

Roaming fees while in Paraguay have the potential to transform a wonderful journey into a financial disaster. Below are the best methods to prevent incurring those high charges.

1. Buy an eSIM from

For the ultimate ease, consider an eSIM. This digital SIM card connects you to local Paraguay networks without needing a physical card swap. Purchase one online before your trip or upon arrival at Paraguay airport. Simply activate it on your eSIM-compatible phone, and voila! You’re good to go.

Top eSIM providers like offer extremely convenient eSIM plans that are the perfect solution for tourists traveling to Paraguay with a different range of packages.

  • Purchase online, then install with a snap by scanning the QR code through email, this digital SIM loads instantly – don’t need to wait for a physical card.
  • eSIMs from  provide affordable data-only plans without roaming charges. Options include 7, 15, and 30 days packages starting from just $9.5.
  • Our eSIMs are compatible with 200+ smartphones. Compatibility checklist and setup instructions reassure travelers.
  • No roaming fees or expensive pay-as-you-go daily limits. Stream music or check maps without bill shock. Additional data can be topped up easily as needed.

Find the best options for your trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $9.50
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
Paraguay eSIM 15 Days Plan
From $17.90

2. Buy a local Paraguay SIM Card

Another fabulous choice is to get a Paraguay local SIM card. It can be acquired at the airport kiosks or some stores and telecom shops. It is imperative to take a prepaid plan according to your data usage, as this way you can save your money.

You can remain connected in Paraguay without concerns over expensive roaming fees by choosing a local SIM card, or eSIM, or utilizing free Wi-Fi wisely. Discover your possibilities, select the most fitting option, and prepare to enjoy a stress-free and technologically linked journey in Paraguay!

If you want to know about local SIM Card when traveling to Paraguay, please check our article about Paraguay SIM Cards: Updated Prices and Where to Buy

3. Enable Wifi Calling

If your device and carrier allow Wi-Fi Calling, you can call and receive calls through Paraguay’s existing Wi-Fi networks as you do on your cellular network, but without the roaming fees. In a situation where you need to make a voice call, download an app like WhatsApp or Viber and make voice calls at no cost through Wi-Fi networks, which will be money-saving.

Skip the Roaming Surprise with

IV. FAQs about Roaming in Paraguay

Are the costs for using mobile services outside of a home network high in Paraguay?

Certainly! Data roaming charges from your domestic service provider may be very expensive, charged by the megabyte or by the day. This may result in a substantial cost when you come back.

What other options are available instead of using roaming in Paraguay?

There are two affordable choices available! Buy a prepaid SIM card when you get to Paraguay for cheap data packages and calling fees. Another option is to opt for an eSIM – buy a data plan on the internet before your journey and activate it as soon as you reach your destination for immediate access.

Can free Wi-Fi in Paraguay be used safely?

Be cautious when using the available free Wi-Fi. Utilize it for simple activities such as surfing the internet, but refrain from engaging in activities involving personal information like online banking. Think about utilizing a VPN for extra security while using public Wi-Fi networks.

V. Conclusion

This guide exposed the high costs and offered alternatives.  Explore prepaid SIM cards, convenient eSIMs, or utilize free Wi-Fi strategically.  Stay connected, avoid hidden fees, and get ready to experience a worry-free and digitally empowered Paraguayan adventure.